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Elite Rewards Official Rules

Craig Realty Group (“Company”) represents various Outlet Centers, including without limitation, Outlets at Anthem, Outlets at Barstow, Cabazon Outlets, Outlets at Castle Rock, Citadel Outlets, Outlets at Conroe, Outlets at The Dells, Outlets at Hillsboro, Huntley Outlet Center, Outlets at Loveland, Outlets at San Clemente, Outlets at Silverthorne, Outlets at Traverse Mountain, and Outlets at Vicksburg (collectively, “Outlet Centers”). Company has created an Elite Rewards program for the Outlet Centers where participants may redeem store receipts for reward points.

As an Elite Rewards participant you may redeem your Outlet Center store receipts for points and you may trade points for reward items. Point requirements and rewards available vary. By participating in the Elite Rewards program and/or by creation of a Membership for the program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept the Official Rules and Regulations of the Elite Rewards program. Membership in the program constitutes your agreement to receive email notifications from Company. These Official Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice. The most current version of Rules and Regulations are available at Customer Service of each of the participating Outlet Centers. Void where prohibited.

  • Must be 18 years of age to participate.
  • No purchase is necessary to join the Elite Rewards program.
  • A valid email address is required to participate in the Elite Rewards program.
  • Member will earn a joining Bonus of 1,000 points.
  • Qualified receipts must be redeemed for points within 30 days of the date of the receipt.
  • Qualified receipts can only be redeemed once.
  • Receipts must be redeemed in person at customer service.
  • Qualifying receipts are those from currently open stores at the participating Outlet Center.
  • Ten points are awarded for each dollar spent on the qualifying receipt.
  • From time to time, there may be special earning periods where qualifying receipts may earn more than 10 points for every dollar. Members may or may not be notified of these instances.
  • The Elite Rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at the Company’s discretion, with or without notice. The number of Points required to redeem any Reward may be increased, any Reward may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any Reward or reward redemption may be imposed at any time.
  • Points on account have no monetary value and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Points are not transferable and cannot be combined with other participant accounts.
  • The Company has the right to terminate the Elite Rewards program at any time, without notice.
  • EXPIRATION POLICY: Members must remain active in the Elite Rewards programs to retain points they accumulate. If a participant is not active for 24 consecutive months, that participant will forfeit all accumulated points. Once points have been forfeited, the points cannot be reinstated; however, the participant can earn new points.
  • Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected to the Elite Rewards is the sole responsibility of the participant.
  • The Company reserves the right to reject any request for Membership, to revoke, cancel or suspend any Elite Rewards program Membership, or take other action at its discretion, at any time with immediate effect and without written notice or liability to any Member, if Company believes: a) the Member has 1) violated any of the Program Rules, 2) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable law, regulations or ordinances, 3) engaged in any misconduct or wrong doing in connection with the Elite Reward program, including, but not limited to, store receipt collection, redeeming counterfeit store receipts, or 4) engaged in abusive, fraudulent, inappropriate or hostile conduct in connection with the Elite Rewards program and participating partners.
  • The Company has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules & Regulations, and all questions or disputes regarding these Program Rules & Regulations will be fully resolved by the Company at its sole discretion.
  • Tampering with any website or equipment is strictly prohibited and will void any reward points and Memberships.